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. Bangalore (India), 09/08/2020.- An Indian muslim girl with a Palestinian flag pin-badge on her hijab reading 'I stand with Gaza' takes part with members of the Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind Muslim state wing non-governmental organistation during a protest against Israel's attacks on Gaza, in Bangalore, India, 09 August 2014. The Israeli army hit targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks by Palestinian militants on 08 August after a three-day ceasefire ended and Egypt-mediated indirect talks failed to secure a longer truce. Israel launched a massive offensive on the Gaza Strip on 08 July in which 1,887 Palestinians have died and almost 10,000 have been wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. On the Israeli side, 64 soldiers and three civilians have died. (Protestas) EFE/EPA/JAGADEESH NV